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China manufacturer Construction Machinery Skid Steer Loader Small Wheel Loader Rock Drill Attachment Bulldozer Track Chains for Skid Steer Utility Fork Micro Skid Steer

Product Description


DIG-DOG skid steer loaders have a simple product structure, good cost performance and low cost of use; the series has a compact design and a small width of the main machine, which has good passability; the variable width working arm is used. The product adopts imported European and American hydraulic components; the control all adopts the pilot servo system, with sensitive control and rapid reflection, which is the best choice for narrow space operation.

Attachment function introduction 1,Material loading and unloading attachments (fork shovel, standard bucket, combination shovel, sieve shovel) 2,Municipal attachments (angled sweepers, closed sweepers, crushing hammers, vibratory compactors, milling machines, trenchers, snow pushers, snow throwers, ice breakers, vibratory ice breakers) 3,Construction attachments (excavators, mixers, disk trenchers, CHINAMFG arms, bulldozers) 4,Logistics attachments (holding forks, tandem bars, soft pack clamps, crane hooks, side shifting forklifts) 5,Gardening and agricultural attachments (grass forks, tree removers, graders, lawn mowers, rototillers, augers)

Model WSL30 WSL40 WSL45 WSL65 WSL100 WSL120 CSL50 CSL65 CSL100 CSL120
Operating load (kg) 300 500 700 1050 1100 1200 700 1000 1200 1500
Max Speed(km/h) 9 10 12 12 12\18 12\18 10 12 12\18 12\18
Rated flux (L/min) 37 60 62.5 75 75 75 60 80 88 88
High Flow Flux (L/min) * * * 120 140 140 * 120 140 140
Tire(track) model 23×8.5-15 8.5-15 10-16.5 12-16.5 12-16.5 12-16.5 300X52.5 320X84 320X84 450 X86
Rated power (Kw) 18.4 37 37 55 74 103 36 55 74 103
Fuel tank capacity (L) 25 60 70 75 90 90 50 90 90 90
self weight bucket (kg) 1500 2300 2700 3500 3550 3600 2800 3800 4500 4800
Bucket capacity (m³) 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.55 0.55 0.3 0.5 0.55 0.6

Dig-Dog’s skid steer loaders are widely used in engineering construction, port handling, municipal construction, gardening, sanitation, water conservancy, agriculture and other fields. While providing a full range of skid steer mainframes, the company independently develops and produces related accessories. Including excavators, drills, trenchers, sweepers, mixers, cutters, lawn mowers, hydraulic breakers, bulldozers, combination shovels, wood grabbers, pitchforks, fork shovels, etc. Tool. According to user needs, we can develop special-purpose work tools.

What are the advantages of your brand?
We manufacture our products locally. We use high quality materials & parts sourced from the very best in China.Our design team works closely with customers for any customized orders.
How do l choose the right Skid Steer Loader?
*Consider What Size Skid Steer Will Get the Job Done Efficiently.
*Think About Your Job Surface. *Assess the Lift.
*Look at the Controls.
*Assess Other Functional Features.
*Think About Your Skid Steer Attachments.
Can you supply backhoe loader attachments?
Of course, DIG-DOG can provide you with fully functional excavation attachments for your backhoe loader.
Which payment terms do you accept?
We can work on T/T bank transfer and 100% irrevocable L/C.
what about the warranty time?
12 months after shipment or 2000 working hours.
What about the delivery time?
7-30 days after receiving the deposit.

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After-sales Service: Provide
Warranty: 12months
Certification: ISO, CE
US$ 13900/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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Customized Request

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

trencher chain

How do I identify signs of wear and fatigue in a trencher chain, and when should I replace it to prevent downtime?

Regularly inspecting your trencher chain for signs of wear and fatigue is crucial to prevent unexpected downtime and maintain optimal trenching performance. Here are the steps to identify such signs and determine when to replace the chain:

1. Check Cutting Teeth:

– Examine the cutting teeth or blades on the trencher chain. Look for signs of excessive wear, such as flattened or severely worn teeth. Dull or damaged teeth will result in inefficient trenching.

2. Inspect Chain Links:

– Check the chain links for signs of bending, cracking, or stretching. Damaged links can lead to misalignment, affecting the chain’s performance.

3. Measure Chain Pitch:

– Measure the chain pitch, which is the distance between adjacent cutting teeth. If the chain pitch has significantly increased compared to the original specifications, it indicates wear and the need for replacement.

4. Look for Missing Teeth:

– Missing cutting teeth can cause uneven trenching and increase stress on the remaining teeth. Replace the chain if multiple teeth are missing.

5. Examine Chain Guides:

– Check the chain guides or rails on the trencher machine. If they show signs of excessive wear or damage, it may affect the chain’s alignment and performance.

6. Monitor Chain Tension:

– Keep track of the chain tension during operation. A loose or overly tight chain can lead to premature wear and affect trenching efficiency.

7. Consider Performance Issues:

– If you notice reduced trenching speed, increased vibration, or decreased cutting efficiency, it could be a sign of worn-out or fatigued trencher chain.

When to Replace:

The specific replacement timeline for a trencher chain depends on factors such as the frequency of use, soil conditions, and maintenance practices. As a general guideline:

– Replace the trencher chain if cutting teeth are worn to half their original size or show significant damage.

– Consider replacement if multiple cutting teeth are missing or broken.

– If the chain links show signs of fatigue, stretching, or damage, it’s time to replace the chain.

– Replace the chain if it consistently fails to maintain proper tension or alignment.

Timely replacement of a worn-out trencher chain is essential to avoid unexpected downtime, maintain trenching efficiency, and reduce the risk of costly repairs to the trencher machine. Regular inspections and proactive replacement will ensure smooth trenching operations and maximize the lifespan of your trencher chain.

trencher chain

Can trencher chains be used in combination with trencher teeth for improved digging performance?

Yes, trencher chains can be used in combination with trencher teeth to enhance digging performance in specific trenching applications. The use of trencher teeth, also known as cutting teeth or blades, along with the trencher chain offers several benefits:

1. Versatility:

– Using trencher teeth in combination with the chain allows for greater versatility in trenching. The chain efficiently cuts through the initial layer of soil and creates a guide for the trench, while the trencher teeth refine the trench’s edges and bottom for a smoother finish.

2. Improved Cutting Efficiency:

– Trencher teeth are designed with specific cutting angles and shapes to optimize cutting efficiency in different soil types. Combining the chain and trencher teeth allows for more efficient and precise trenching in various soil conditions.

3. Better Trench Quality:

– The use of trencher teeth results in improved trench quality, with clean and well-defined edges and consistent trench depth. This is especially beneficial for trenching projects that require high precision and accuracy.

4. Enhanced Durability:

– By utilizing trencher teeth in combination with the trencher chain, the workload is distributed more evenly, reducing wear on individual components and increasing overall durability.

5. Reduced Chain Wear:

– Trencher teeth help minimize the workload on the chain by breaking up the soil ahead of the chain. This can result in reduced chain wear and a longer chain lifespan.

However, it’s essential to select trencher teeth that are compatible with the trencher chain and machine specifications. Improperly matched trencher teeth may cause uneven trenching or excessive strain on the chain and machine, leading to reduced performance and potential damage.

In summary, using trencher teeth in combination with trencher chains can improve digging performance, trench quality, and overall efficiency in various trenching applications. It is recommended to consult the trencher manufacturer or supplier to ensure the correct combination of trencher teeth and chain for your specific trenching needs.

trencher chain

How do I properly maintain and sharpen a trencher chain for optimal cutting performance?

Proper maintenance and regular sharpening are essential to ensure the trencher chain maintains optimal cutting performance and efficiency. Follow these steps to keep your trencher chain in top condition:

1. Regular Inspections:

– Conduct routine inspections to check for signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. Look for any dull or damaged cutting teeth that need attention.

2. Cleaning:

– Before sharpening, clean the trencher chain thoroughly to remove dirt, debris, and excess grease or oil.

3. Sharpening:

– Use a suitable chain sharpening tool to sharpen the cutting teeth of the trencher chain. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the correct angle and technique.

4. Replace Worn Teeth:

– If any cutting teeth are excessively worn or damaged, replace them with new ones to maintain consistent cutting performance.

5. Check Tension and Alignment:

– Ensure the trencher chain is correctly tensioned and aligned to prevent unnecessary wear and ensure smooth operation.

6. Lubrication:

– Apply appropriate lubrication to the trencher chain to reduce friction and wear between the chain components.

7. Store Properly:

– When not in use, store the trencher chain in a dry and clean environment to prevent rust and damage.

8. Professional Maintenance:

– If you are not familiar with sharpening and maintenance techniques, consider seeking the help of a professional to ensure the trencher chain is properly cared for.

9. Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines:

– Adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations and guidelines to maximize the trencher chain’s lifespan and cutting performance.

Regular maintenance and sharpening will ensure that your trencher chain operates optimally, providing efficient and precise cutting in various soil and terrain conditions. By keeping the chain in good condition, you can avoid unnecessary wear and tear and extend its overall lifespan.

China manufacturer Construction Machinery Skid Steer Loader Small Wheel Loader Rock Drill Attachment Bulldozer Track Chains for Skid Steer Utility Fork Micro Skid Steer  China manufacturer Construction Machinery Skid Steer Loader Small Wheel Loader Rock Drill Attachment Bulldozer Track Chains for Skid Steer Utility Fork Micro Skid Steer
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China OEM Manufacturer in China of Drop Forged Overhead Conveyor Bracket Trolley X458 Chain with Forged Machinery Part for Painting Line Chain System (X348 X458 X678) best roller chain

Product Description

About Factory 

With more than 18 years’ histiory, we are a professinal manufacturer for drop forged products such as forged chain (X348 X458 X658 X678 X698 F100 F160), scraper chain (10160, 14218, 14226, 142N), conveyor trolley (X348, X458, X678, XT160), and drive chain (X348, X458, X678), and so forth standard moulds of chain. 

Besides, we can also produce as per your drawing or sample, special link chain, pusher, pin and plate, according to customers’ unique requirements.

Product Description

1) Material: Alloy steel, 20Cr, 45# steel and so on.
2) Types: X348 X458 X678 XT160, and so on. (Or as per your drawing)
3) Process: Moulding→Forging→Polishing & Blasting→Fine machining→Heat treatment→Blasting→Inspecting & testing→Assemly→Packing

Product Show

Technical Data

Model Forging Parameter (mm) Weight (Kg) Single-point Load (Kg) Allowable Load (Kg) Limit Load (Kg)
Type P H A B C D E F G K
X348-1 A 100 64 102 14 40 60 47.8 6 84 1.5 100 1100 1800
X348-2 B 100 64 102 14 40 60 47.8 6 82
X348-3 C 100 64 122 16 40 60 47.8 6 94
X458-1 A 126 79 138 18 54 82 54 9.5 113 1.8 200 1800 3600
X458-2 A 127 80 138 18 56 82 54 9.5 113
X458-3 A 130 83 138 18 54 82 54 9.5 113
X458-4 B 128.6 81 134.5 18 54 81 54 9.5 101.5
Extended Trolley A 150 103 138 18 54 82 54 9.5 113
X678-1 / 136 89 146 18 86 82 54 9.5 114 3.2 600 5000 7700
X678-2 / 134.5 87.5 142 18 86 82 54 9.5 106 2.8 550 4500 7200
XT160-1 / 171 103 180 26 84 120 70 15 140 9.7 750 4000 8000
XT160-2 / 170 102 174 26 86 120 70 15 148 8.8 700 3500 7500
X348-1 Reverse / 83 42 105 / 40 60 / 48 10 / 1.35 100 1100 1800
X348-2 Reverse / 86 45 93 / 40 60 / 48 10 / 1.35 100 6 1800
X458 Reverse / 95 44 120 / 54.5 60 / 54 10 / 2.5 200 1800 3600

Products & Testing Equipments

Products Application

Packing & Delivery

Why Choose Us?

1. We are engaged in chain industry over 15 years with rich market experience. We keep improving production techniques. All the products have longer working life and have passed the market test.

2. We can design the correct chains with high quality material, good abrasion resistance, good corrosion, high strengthen and etc as per your request or the chain application.

3. We are the chain manufacturer; you can directly purchase the product from us with low price and high quality.

4. We have a professional team for international trade, they have abundant experiences and are always ready to solve problems for customers. So you have nothing to worry about.

5. We have the long-term cooperative forwarder who can give us the lowest freight. And it can help you to save the freight. What’s more, for the FCL, we will design the packages as per the container sizes with the largest capacity to save the shipping cost for both of us

Material: Alloy
Structure: Combined Chain
Surface Treatment: Polishing
Chain Size: 1/2"*11/128"
Feature: Fire Resistant, Oil Resistant, Heat Resistant
Mould Number: X348 X458 X678 Xt160
US$ 5/Set
1 Set(Min.Order)

Request Sample



Customized Request


Different types of drive chains

Drive chains are an important part of many different types of machinery. In this article, we’ll cover a variety of different types, from square links to engineered steel. From there, we’ll discuss different types of chains, such as double and leaf chains. Let’s take a closer look at each one. Once you know what kind of chain you’re looking for, you can make a buying decision. If you’re not sure where to start, read on to learn more about these types of chains, what to look for when choosing, and how to choose the right chain for your specific application.

Engineering Steel Chain

Engineering steel chains are widely used in conveyors, bucket elevators, tensioning links, transmission chains, etc., and have the characteristics of high strength, low friction, and good shock resistance. Early models of these chains were developed for difficult-to-convey applications. They were originally made of all-steel components with flanged rollers made of cast iron. They then increase in size, strength, and spacing in response to the heavy-duty requirements of the industry.
Today, these chains are used in a wide variety of applications, including tough oil drilling operations and forklifts. They offer excellent durability and high power transfer and are available in a variety of materials. They are also ideal for harsh environments such as harsh oil drilling. Their high-strength steel construction means they can handle harsh operating conditions. Their durability is an essential feature of any chain, and CZPT Chains offers a full line of engineered steel chains to meet your exact specifications.
A drive chain made of engineered steel consists of several components: links, pin joints, and sprockets. This allows them to carry heavy loads with minimal stretch. Due to its internal mechanical advantage, the chain runs around the sprockets with almost 100% efficiency. Also, the chain is made of special steel that can withstand certain conditions. They are available in different alloys and grades. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Roller chain wear is a major problem for conveyor and drive chains. In these cases, the rollers of the chain are more prone to wear than the bushings, so lubrication is essential. Many chains are designed to work with little or no lubrication. Finally, material selection is an important factor in the design of engineered steel conveyor chains. These factors will help ensure that the chain stays in good shape.

Conveyor Chains with Square Links

There are two basic types of conveyor chains. The first is the square chain, commonly used in cranes and hoists. It’s cheap to manufacture but more prone to overload. The second is a chain that uses hook joints or detachable links. These are used for short-term power transmission and have a lubricating effect. Usually, they are made of malleable iron but can be more expensive.
Another type of chain is the removable steel chain. For moderate loads, this is an easy-to-install option. The closed end of the tab should face the sprocket. It is very important to maintain the alignment of the chain relative to the sprockets. The chain should be adjusted to suit the load before installation. It is important to keep the chain lubricated to prolong its life.
Steel chains offer a wider selection of materials and heat treatments. This chain is also more accurate than its counterpart. Steel bushing chains are less expensive but require more frequent lubrication. Steel roller chains are often used for long conveyor centers or high loads. However, lower friction requirements require lower strength chains. This means that chains with square links are a better choice for smaller conveyors. But this style has its drawbacks.
Bushing chains are made of steel and are an excellent alternative for small-scale applications. The pins are silent and prevent tooth damage. Bushed roller chains are also used to a certain extent as conveyor chains. However, the main advantage of the bushing roller chain is that it does not make any noise at all. Bushed roller chains are made of alloy steel and are suitable for very low-speed applications.

double chain

Double-strand roller chain, also known as a double-strand, consists of two rows of single-strand links. It has high impact strength, low weight, and a small form factor. Duplex roller chains are manufactured using CZPT technology, which uses solid rollers to improve sprocket tooth rotation and reduce shock loads. During the manufacturing process, the metal is heat-treated to increase strength and reduce corrosion.
A single chain is designed for a single sprocket, while a double chain consists of two identical chains connected side by side. Double chains are more durable than simple chains because double rollers contain roller bearings, pins, and other components. Simplex drive chains can handle high loads, while duplex drive chains are designed for medium-duty applications.

leaf chain

Blade chains are used in reciprocating devices such as forklifts. They are also used in machine tools for counterweight chains. Leaf chains come in a variety of lengths, usually with female or male ends. Leaf chains can be manufactured in even or odd pitches and are ideal for lifting and balancing. This article will introduce some key uses of leaf chains in drive chains. Additionally, we’ll discuss how they are made and how they behave in applications.
Most drive chains today are made from leaf chains. These chains are designed to increase the strength of the chain. However, they are less expensive than other types of chains. You can also purchase specialized leaf chains for certain applications. CZPT Chain also offers custom leaf chains for your unique needs. Leaf chains are commonly used in forklifts, material handling, and lifting applications. They are usually made from high-quality components. The BL1688 Leaf Chain has 8 x 8 laces and is sold in 10-foot boxes or 25- to 100-foot reels. The leaf chain can be cut as needed.
When selecting a leaf chain for a specific application, consider the minimum tensile strength of the chain. The minimum breaking strength must be high enough to protect the worker or machine, but must also be legal for the type of machine. Most manufacturers publish this minimum strength requirement. To make the most durable leaf chain, design engineers must consider the ISO4347 standard when choosing the right leaf chain. Leaf chain manufacturers tend to exceed international standards by about 20%.

roller chain

Roller chains are made from a variety of materials. Some common materials include steel and stainless steel. The most suitable material depends on cost, environmental conditions, and horsepower transmission design. Chain manufacturers can optimize the material for the intended use. Depending on its size, spacing, and special construction techniques, it can be made lighter or heavier. This is an advantage for applications in noise-sensitive environments. Below are some examples of common uses for roller chains.
The wear of the components in a roller chain is an unavoidable part of its operation. The amount of elongation depends on factors such as lubrication, load, and the frequency of articulation between the pin and bushing. Manufacturing critical wear parts require careful attention to detail. Proper raw materials, manufacturing, and assembly are critical to product performance and longevity. If these components aren’t of high quality, they won’t last as long as the chain should.
The industry recommends measuring the wear elongation of the roller chain to determine when it needs to be replaced. Proper safety procedures must be used to measure chain tension. The tight span of the chain shall be measured by applying the measuring load specified by ANSI. A correctly measured roller chain is safe to use. For motorcycles, the chain is bigger and stronger. Often, toothed belts are replaced by shaft drives because they are less noisy and require less maintenance.
Tensile strength is the most commonly used measurement method for roller chains. This measurement represents the amount of load the chain can withstand before it breaks. Fatigue strength is another measure of durability. Fatigue strength measures how long a roller chain can withstand long-term use before failing. These two measurements are closely related and maybe the same or different. In addition to tensile strength, fatigue strength is a useful factor to consider when purchasing a chain.

China OEM Manufacturer in China of Drop Forged Overhead Conveyor Bracket Trolley X458 Chain with Forged Machinery Part for Painting Line Chain System (X348 X458 X678)   best roller chainChina OEM Manufacturer in China of Drop Forged Overhead Conveyor Bracket Trolley X458 Chain with Forged Machinery Part for Painting Line Chain System (X348 X458 X678)   best roller chain
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china best 10-100mm Depth Farming Machinery Chainsaw Tractor Trencher for Digging Ditching Dsic Ditcher manufacturers

Item Description

ten-100mm Depth Farming CZPT ry Chainsaw Tractor Trencher for CZPT Ditching dsic ditcher
The disc trencher is designed and created according to the requirements of CZPT ers. The most current analysis and advancement of a trencher that is suspended on a big four-wheel tractor.
1: Simple to load and unload, considerably less than 50 % an hour on the tractor, does not influence the tractor’s autumn farmland cultivation.
2: Straightforward to operate, as CZPT as the consumer who opens the tractor can drive the ditch.
3: high effectiveness of trenching, about 600 meters per hour

model XSW-25-50A
XSW-23-a hundred-A
Doing work width mm 230-350 230-350 230-350 230-350
Doing work depth mm five hundred-600 five hundred-600 five hundred-900 500-900
Matched CZPT hp 40-70 40-70 70-110 70-one hundred ten
Functioning velocity m/min 10 10 10 ten

Q: Are you trading business or producer ?
A: We are manufacturing facility.
Q: How CZPT is your shipping and delivery time?
A: Usually it is 1-3 days if the products are in stock. or it is 7-15 days if the items are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
Q: Do you give samples ? is it free of charge or additional ?
A: Of course, we could offer the sample for free of charge cost but do not pay out the expense of freight.
Q: What is your phrases of payment ?
A: Payment=3000USD, thirty% T/T in CZPT
 ,harmony prior to shippment.

If you have an additional question, pls come to feel totally free to make contact with us as underneath:

Contact: Allen Gao  
 HangZhou Liansheng CZPT ry Co.,Ltd.
 HangZhou City,ZheJiang Province, CZPT

Like all of our roller chains, our one-strand roller chains are heat dipped to make certain one hundred% lubricated factors and heat taken care of to enhance use resistance. Our sizzling dip lubrication approach makes certain that each one strand roller chain operates at greatest ability and use lifestyle for as prolonged as feasible. EP Chain proudly provides hugely durable single chain roller chains for your comfort. Every of our one-strand roller chains is preloaded throughout the manufacturing procedure, efficiently minimizing first elongation after you acquire your item. You will locate our one-strand roller chains utilized in a assortment of apps, this kind of as the foodstuff sector or conveyor belts. At EP Chain, we recognize that downtime can indicate missing company and revenue. Our solitary-strand roller chains are the lacking link your business wants to preserve devices and daily functions working effortlessly.
china best 10-100mm Depth Farming Machinery Chainsaw Tractor Trencher for Digging Ditching Dsic Ditcher manufacturers

china Cheap Agriculture Machinery Mini Stainless Steel Chain Trencher with 7HP for Cable Laying manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Product Parameters

Model 1KL-twenty
Complete weight 1350kg
L*W*H 4700*1100*1450mm
Track width 230mm
Observe size 3096mm
Generate way Diesel motor
Energy 29.5kw
Motor pace 2400rpm
Diesel tank capacity 28L
Trenching depth -1400mm
Trenching width 120-300mm


Detailed Photographs


B. Function

a. Configure an successful diesel engine, CZPT ful, high effectiveness.
b. Adopt alloy blade and carbon metal blade, far more wear resisting.
c. Trenching width and depth can be freely adjusted.


C. Standard Configuration

Yunnei diesel motor / high quality motor / digital commence / wear-resistant CZPT rubber keep track of / 200mm extensive common chain / carbon steel blade / equipped with water temperature gauge, oil gauge and h2o temperature gauge / headlights
D. Optional Configuration

150mm wide chain / 200mm wide chain / 300mm wide chain / depth can be CZPT ized as essential


one.Tractor mounted trencher machine can be used for digging pipeline buried, cable, fiber optic cable, and so on.

two. Fruit wood open up ditch fertilization, yam deep loosening and harvest.
three. City building and street development to the control, thickness of the backyard garden fence, these kinds of as the foundation ditches.





Business Profile


HangZhou CZPT machinery Co., Ltd. Is a machinery producing and buying and selling business. Mostly concentrate on shot blasting cleansing machinery, sand casting equipment, building equipment, rubber equipment, machinery areas, and has all sorts of products, goods import and export license.


The company is found in Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. district HangZhou, ZheJiang province, go over an area 17000 sq. meters, the generation location eleven, 000 sq. meters. The organization has more than two hundred workers, far more than twenty skilled experts and engineers. After years of growth, the company′s manufacturing capacity and specialized stage in the same sector in a greater position, and developed a excellent functionality. The research and development center of the business repeatedly develops modern products to fulfill CZPT er demands and generate increased value for CZPT ers.


Manufacturing facility Tour


Packaging & CZPT



Q: Are you trading organization or maker ?

A: We are factory.

Q:What’s the get process?

A: CZPT we go over buy specifics, manufacturing information by e mail or TM.

Then we situation you a PI for your affirmation.

You will be asked for to do pay as you go total payment or deposit ahead of we go into creation.

After we get the deposit, we commence to process the buy.

We typically need 7-fifteen days if we do not have the things in inventory.

Just before production has been completed,

we will speak to you for shipment specifics, and the stability payment.

After payment has been settled, we start off to prepare the shipment for you.

Q:How do you check all the products in the generation line?

A: We have spot inspection and concluded merchandise inspection.We examine the merchandise when they go into following action generation method.

Uncover the roller chain at EP, which has a wider midsection plate to help have heavier masses on conveyor belts, wire rod machines, printing presses and numerous other industrial applications. Roller chains are fully interchangeable and pre-lubricated to aid lessen elongation. Decide on single or riveted chains with zinc and aluminum coatings to help avert rust and chemical corrosion.
china Cheap Agriculture Machinery Mini Stainless Steel Chain Trencher with 7HP for Cable Laying manufacturers

china manufacturer manufacturer Cost Agriculture Machinery Pto Driven Tractor Ditcher Trencher Large Trencher Tractor Pto Trencher for Sale manufacturers

Solution Description

Introduction of chain trencher 

(1) Ditcher is dependent on the tractor output, as the CZPT of the ditcher gearbox. The transmission shaft drives the gearbox of the ditcher, the main chain wheel is pushed by the gearbox, and the principal chain wheel drives the chain to understand the ditching.
(2) The blade of ditcher is divided into two sorts: alloy cutter, manganese cutter. Alloy cutter is used to crack the floor, and manganese cutter is used to gather the soil
(3) The ditching soil separator is employed for ditching and soil separation to avert soil returning due to excessive volume of soil throughout ditching. The soil separator is utilised to individual the soil to equally sides.
(4) Scraper is used for ditching device. When ditching, the base floating soil is uneven, and the scraper is used to hang flat, so that the bottom of ditching is flat and square.
(5) The movable body is the lifting body of the ditcher, which is utilised to alter the depth of the ditcher. The adjustment of depth is driven by hydraulic cylinder.
(6) The principal body is the basic frame utilised for fixing and stabilizing, movable body, chain, and many others
(7) In terms of hydraulic strain, the high-pressure outlet of the unique gear pump is linked to the higher-pressure inlet of the oil cylinder, and then the low-force outlet of the oil cylinder is joined to the low-force outlet of the original car, forming a loop system.
(8) Just before employing the ditcher, interest should be paid: the lifting multi way valve of the ditcher should push the take care of to make the ditcher slowly and gradually drop when going for walks (Notice: the going for walks velocity for every moment are unable to exceed 8m underneath the condition of 1500 speed) until it reaches the necessary depth of design.

Ditching width 12cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm,100cm
(a lot more than 40cm calls for the use of double chains)
Ditching depth 10cm — 2.5m
Matching power 30–one hundred fifty horsepower according to different ditching width and depth
Uses 1.Buried cable 
two. Ditched for pipe laying 
three.Orchard ditching and fertilization 
4. Farmland irrigation 
5. Yam loose soil harvesting 
six. Buried normal gasoline pipeline 
seven. Sugarcane ditching
Operating velocity 200–600m / h

                                                                                  Merchandise show 

                                                                            Application of ditcher
(1) Ditcher is extensively employed in CZPT building, h2o pipeline, normal gas, optical cable pipeline, farmland irrigation, drainage ditch, and other narrow and deep ditch, the operating performance is 5-10 instances of CZPT .
(2) Ditching equipment is commonly used in agricultural design, grape, apple, sugarcane and other vine crops ditching fertilization.




one. who are we?
We are primarily based in ZheJiang , CZPT , begin from 2005,market to Africa(50.00%),Southeast Asia(ten.00%),South Asia(10.00%),North CZPT ica(5.00%),South CZPT ica(5.00%),Mid CZPT (5.00%). There are complete about 51-one hundred individuals in CZPT business office.

2. how can we assure top quality?
Often a pre-creation sample prior to mass production
Often last Inspection just before shipment

three.what can you get from us?
Tractor,Tractor areas,Front end loader,backhoe loader, mower,Rotary,Plough,Harrow and others

four. why need to you buy from us not from other suppliers?
The business generates “Yi-Sen” branded agricultural tools under international good quality method ISO9001:2008. Products have fulfill 3C certification requirements, CE certification.

5. what services can we supply?
Recognized Shipping Terms: FOB,CIF,EXW
Accepted Payment Currency:USD,EUR
Accepted Payment Kind: T/T,L/C
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This type of chain is used in the initial phases of electricity transmission improvement. When the sprocket moves nearer to or absent from the tooth, sounds is developed as the teeth rub towards the connecting rod. These sorts of chains are utilized to some extent for minimal-pace conveyor chains.
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Plasma made in China – replacement parts – in Puebla Mexico Cutting Machine CNC Metal Cutter Used for Heavy Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price

Plasma  made in China - replacement parts -  in Puebla Mexico  Cutting Machine CNC Metal Cutter Used for Heavy Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price

Plasma  made in China - replacement parts -  in Puebla Mexico  Cutting Machine CNC Metal Cutter Used for Heavy Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the bigge EPT Chain and agricultural gearbox manufacturing facility in China with 5 various branches. For far more specifics: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

Leading Quality 1530 CNC Metallic Cutter Plasma Machine  Cutting 30mm Carbon metal

We also have EPT versions, such as FMP1325, FMP1530, FMP2030,FMP2040 and so on
Besides, we also have gantry cnc flame plasma cutting equipment.


1.Welded thick-walled steel composition, soon after specific remedy, no distortion for the complete composition large precision, and prolonged services existence time. 
2. Reducing program use ZheJiang starfire system/ Commence system/ FLMC-2300A or D EPT system
Outfitted with automatic height controller ( THC controller), which can according to your substance planeness,
cutting head can immediately steady, and fa EPT modify.
3. ZheJiang HIWIN linesr rail, ensure vertical section, a lot more precision.
four. Suited software: Artcam/ Fstcam/ / TyArtcam/ Beihang Haier and many others.
five. In allusion to the slicing of A few-dimensional LED promoting phrase, metal plate of sulciform figures and foundation plate,
chopping precision attain to exceptional indicators.
six. High configuration of numerical management system, automatic placing the arc,  stable with reliable overall performance.
Techncial specification: 

Model FMP1325 FMP1530 FMP2030 FMP2040
Table bed size (mm) 1300mmx2500mm 3000mmx1500mm 3000mmx2000mm 4000*2000mm
Controller method Starfire / Start/ FLMC-2300A / D EPT optional
Slicing speed  8-15m/min
Top management arc voltage torch top controller
Electrical power provide Chiense LGK Seires
American Hypertherm Collection
Plasma cutter head Chinese palsma cutter head 
American cutter head
Motor  Step motor / Servo Mootr
X,Y,Z axis guide rail ZheJiang HIWIN manual rail
X,Y,Z axis transmission ZheJiang TBI Ball screw
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Process precision ±0.35mm
Transmission model  Gear rack generate
Functioning Voltage 380V/3P/fifty-60HZ
Desk-board Steel blade saw tooth mesa
Support software Drawing computer software–CAD
Nesting software program–Fastcam software program
Slicing route file–artcam, type3 and so forth
Functioning manner Non-make contact with arc
Non-make contact with arc USB
Excess weight N.W : 1300KG
G.W : 1500KG

Principal configuration:
Starfire management method with THC
The numerical manage technique with high disposes, plasma machine devoted method , the functionality is steady.
#Flame plasma cutter head with THC 
LGK series plasma cutter head 
Optional American Hypertherm plasma source
#Plamsa source 
Mo EPT well-known manufacturer of China, max chopping thickness 35mm.
Optional American Hypertherm plasma resource
#HIWIN square gudie rail
High precision and significantly less use , with entire world famous ZheJiang hiwin self-lubricating sliding block
#Saw tooth mesa desk and Roll ball
Tooth mesa desk, sturdy fixation materia EPT capacity roll ball simple feeding components

Applications Market :
Commonly utilised in the industries as aerospace, agricultural machinery, building machinery, railway producing, elevator producing, specific building vehicle, instrument producing, oil equipment production, foodstuff machinery, adorned advertizing, overseas processing serviceand all types industries associated to mechanical production.
Slicing resources:
For iron, aluminum, galvanized sheet, white sheet, titanium plate and EPT metal plates.
Processing shel EPT of machinery and digital items, advertising indications, crafts, iron backyard garden, vehicle manufacture, boat constructing, electrical components, board reducing.
Samples of plasma reducing machine

EPT relevant plasma reducing equipment for your reference 
# Heavy responsibility cnc plasma cutting device
# Financial variety cnc plasma cutting device
# Gantry cnc plasma cutting equipment
# Flame plasma reducing equipment
# cnc plasma slicing machine with smoke fan

Firm Information
FIRMCNC Team situated in HangZhou,ZheJiang PR, Started in 2003. Leader of cnc router equipment manufacture.
We are an all-round enterprice,which is comprehensive in R&D, manufacture, and sales on cnc router appliances.
This is our plasma machine workshop

Our Services
1. 24 hour Specialized support by phone, e-mail or MSN close to the clock.
two. Friendly English version handbook and procedure online video CD disk.
3.7-15 operating days following down payment or entire payment.
four. Machine will be modified ahead of it is delivered procedure disk/CD was incorporated.
5. Our technician can give you distant information online (Skype or MSN) if you have any query.
six. Engineers accessible to services machinery abroad, seller and purchaser examine the fees.

one)Foam and wrapping film on the surface area of the device within. Rain-proof, Du EPT evidence.
two)Regular export plywood case. Upwards, moistureproof transport marks. Safety assured.
3) fumigation-totally free
4)With shipping and delivery mark if you like.
five)Outside the house: Marked packing dimension, product, bodyweight and EPT info

1.Can you advise a plasma cutting device? 

Sure, In get to give you a suitable plasma cutting machine, p EPT inform me your working spot ? processing materia EPT ? 
Then best suited equipment will be recommend.
two.Do you have operation handbook and doing work video? 
Yes, following we affirm purchase, operation handbook will be ship to you.
3.Does your company can processing my samples? 
Indeed, we can
four.If I bought device, but don’t know how to procedure, what I can do?
Our engineer will educate you how to operation the device through guide, video clip get in touch with or e-mail, I still aso will aid you .
five.How am I going to perform on service parts on the equipment? Case in point what if parts want to be changed? 

During the period of guarantee, we will totally free send broken parts to you, following guarantee, we can provide agent cost for areas.
typically for all parts can excellent functioning one particular calendar year without having any broken .
6.Does your engineer do aftersale support at abroad? how considerably expense?
Indeed, our technician can do coaching and following sale services at yoru manufacturing unit, you only need to have to pay out the spherical air tickets co EPT and lodging for technician.

The use of first gear manufacturer’s (OEM) part numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference functions only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our business and the outlined alternative components contained herein are not sponsored, accredited, or manufactured by the OEM.

Plasma  made in China - replacement parts -  in Puebla Mexico  Cutting Machine CNC Metal Cutter Used for Heavy Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price

Plasma  made in China - replacement parts -  in Puebla Mexico  Cutting Machine CNC Metal Cutter Used for Heavy Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price

Plasma  made in China - replacement parts -  in Puebla Mexico  Cutting Machine CNC Metal Cutter Used for Heavy Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price