Conveyor Belt Repair Uncured Rubber

Conveyor Belt Repair Uncured Rubber

Uncured intermediate rubber for material conveyor belt hot splicing

Thickness:.8mm 1mm  2mm  3mm  5mm  6mm

Width: 26cm  300cm  500cm  630cm

Bodyweight: 10kg roll and 20kg roll, other measurements can be CZPT

Item Description                                                                           

Rubber supplies cloth conveyor belt hot rubber fix strips

HUAYE is a skilled company of roller rubber coating components, put on-resistant rubber sheets, core
rubber surface area adhesives, influence beds and impact bars, mend strips, scorching vulcanized joint materials, impact walls,
and cleaners.

Rubber components material conveyor belt hot rubber fix strips


The surface rubber has outstanding tensile and use resistance, and the core rubber fills the core layer of the
wrapped belt to type a robust gripping force. The glue is applied amongst the bonding surfaces of the components in
the belt repairing part, and is vulcanized by heating to offer sturdy adhesive drive. 

1.Sturdy adhesion

two.Great affinity to steel filler

three.High put on resistance

The scorching vulcanized material is utilised to repair the joint by vulcanization. The belt
has higher bonding energy and the joint toughness can reach 90% of the belt
energy. The use of scorching vulcanization restore has wonderful advantages in the situation of
massive belt stress and complicated force. 


Conveyor Belt Repair Uncured Rubber