Chinese Lifting Equipment 5 Ton Single Girder Crane

Chinese Lifting Equipment 5 Ton Single Girder Crane

China Factory CZPTised 5ton One Girder Overhead Crane

One girder electric powered hoist overhead bridge crane has such as restricted dimensions, lower creating headroom, mild dead fat and mild wheel stress. They are relevant to the transfer, assembly, check out and repair as properly as load and unload at mechanic processing workshop, subsidiary workshop of metallurgic mills, warehouse, items yard and electrical power station. They can also be utilized alternatively of frequent double girder overhead crane at creation workshop in gentle textiles or meals sector. It has two varieties of classification, that is, light-weight and medium. The functioning ambient temperature is usually -25-40ºC. it has forbidden to perform in environment with combustibility, explosive or corrosive media.

1. Are your products CZPT?

Of course, simply because the doing work situation is various, all our Dingya goods are CZPTized depending on detail requirement! So if you give us much more info about the raise capacity, span, carry top, electrical power supply and other specials, we will give you a really rapid quote!

two. What is actually the details ought to I give when inquiry?
The a lot more information that you provided, the exact answer we can get ready for you! The information this sort of as the lift potential, span, elevate peak, electrical power resource or other specials you give us will be a lot more appreciated.

3. How many working techniques for my assortment?
The common working methods we supply is pendent controller with thrust buttons. In the meantime, we can also give the remote handle with press buttons and the cabin (room capsule seat) manage with joystick. You can choose any of them, just inform us!

four. The space of my workshop is limited. Can the crane okay for mine?
For minimal headroom workshop, we have the Specific items. The thorough dimensions you should seek advice from our
skilled engineer.


Chinese Lifting Equipment 5 Ton Single Girder Crane