china shop Kaito Asphalt Paver Track Pad 300*130mm*55mm in Stock manufacturers

Solution Description

CZPT asphalt paver Track Pad 300&ast130mm&ast55mm  in stock

KAITO-Hugely resistant Track Pad
Kaito’  CZPT phant™  Track Pad are specially made of heavy-obligation high quality resources to enhance undercarriage traction safety  and overall performance expectations of metal-tracked crawler equipment and safeguard CZPT tive foundations vulnerable to harm by weighty gear&time period


Road Milling& Paving Equipmnt
Customized Basic CZPT Gear Utilizing steel- Tracks


Rubber  –   CZPT imizes undercarriage traction&comma machine vibration absorption&comma and guards gear operators towards accidental electrical grounding on reside-utility worksites&period
Polyurethane –  For common undercarriage traction requirements&period


1&period Bolt To Shoe

Elephant™ BTS observe-pads bolt direct on to existing steel track sneakers for the most protected CZPT ening strength&interval

Installation is rapid&comma simple&comma and most inexpensive&interval Steel monitor sneakers usually keep on your equipment&period

Pick CZPT phant™ industrial-quality high quality rubber for maximum traction security performance on severe pavement grades&comma slippery foundations and everywhere undercarriage load-bearing stamina is most crucial&time period

2&interval Bolt to Chain

Elephant™ BTC keep track of-pads bolt immediately to the undercarriage monitor-chain in a 1-Piece integrated pad&solshoe design and style for regular CZPT pad replacements&period of time

Accessible in black and CZPT coloured polyurethane for skid-delicate surfaces&period of time CZPT mmended for common no-load &sol lower-load and stand-by yourself gear&period of time

Scenario Reports&colon

When the successful contractor got the CZPT -gentle to substitute the entire-depth and length of the major runway and adjacent tarmac at a key New York airport&comma the deadline to complete on-time was absolute&comma there would be no CZPT chances to get it appropriate&time period They necessary a crew that plainly comprehended the traction requirements of their chilly-milling planers&period of time – They chose us&period

When a railroad contractor essential a remedy that would permit their 15-ton CZPT s to securely climb steep gravel embankments and cross more than railroad tracks with no harmful the rails&interval – They selected us&time period
When an CZPT essential a answer that would increase the undercarriage traction of their products outside of what their normal polyurethane pads could supply&period – They chose us&period of time

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china shop Kaito Asphalt Paver Track Pad 300*130mm*55mm in Stock manufacturers