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Solution Description

We can provide the CZPT Obligation Cranked CZPT Transmission Chain 2814
Our chain are utilised widely on industrial area and CZPT top quality is higher for CZPT phrase cooperation
Its Chain NO&colon
We have many other chains for instance&colon

one&rparLarge Pitch CZPT Chains &lparLong Pitch CZPT Class CZPT Chains&rpar
A&rparISO Standard Solid Pin CZPT Chains &lparISO 1977&rpar&colon M&comma MT
B&rparISO Standard Hollow Pin CZPT Chains &lparISO 1977&rpar&colon MC&comma MCT
C&rparBS Regular Metric Sequence Solid Pin CZPT Chains &lparBS 4116&rpar&colon E&comma ET
D&rparBS Normal Metric Series Hollow Pin CZPT Chains &lparBS 4116&rpar&colon EC&comma ECT
E&rparBS Common Imperial Sequence Solid Pin CZPT Chains &lparBS 4116&rpar&colon Z&comma ZT
F&rparBS Regular Imperial Series Hollow Pin CZPT Chains &lparBS 4116&rpar&colon ZC&comma ZCT
G&rparDIN Common CZPT Chains &lparDIN 8167 and DIN 8168&rpar&colon FV&comma FVH&comma FVT
H&rparANSI Regular Basic CZPT Chain &lparANSI B29&period15&rpar&colon 0703 – 243
I&rparJM Specialty CZPT Chain &lparRF CZPT Chains&rpar&colon JM03075 – JM113600
J&rparStandard Bucket CZPT vator Chains&colon DT150 – DT250
K&rparBearing Bush CZPT Chains
L&rparBearing Roller CZPT Chains
M&rparPlastic Sleeve CZPT Roller Chains
2&rparEngineered CZPT Chains
A&rparStraight Sidebar Metal Bushed Roller Chains&colon 81X&comma 81XH&comma 81XHD&comma 81XHH&comma 3939
B&rparSteel Bushed Rollerless Chains&colon S188&comma S131&comma S102B&comma S110&comma 4856&comma 4857&comma 4859&comma S150&comma 4864
C&rparWelded Metal Mill Chains&colon WR78 – WR157&semi WH78 – WH157&semi WRC78 – WRC157
D&rparWelded Steel Drag Chains&colon WD102 – WD480&semi WDH102 – WDH480
E&rparDrop Solid Rivetless Chains &lparBarloop Chains&rpar&colon X348 – 698&semi F100&comma F160&semi S348 – S998
F&rparStandard Forged Mix Chains&colon C55 – C188
G&rparCombination Transfer Chains&colon C55A&comma C55B&comma C55D
H&rparH Class Mill Chains&colon H60&comma H62&comma H74&comma H75&comma H78&comma H79&comma H82&comma H87&comma H124
I&rparH Course Transfer Chains&colon H78A&comma H78B&comma H130&comma H131&comma H138
J&rpar400 Course Pintle Chains&colon one hundred forty five&comma 434&comma 442&comma 445&comma 452&comma 455&comma 462&comma 477&comma 483&comma 488&comma 4103&comma 4124
K&rparDouble Flex Chains&colon DF3500 – DF4900
three&rpar Special Application Chains & CZPT -Common Chains
A&rparEscalator Action Chains&comma Escalator CZPT Chain&colon T67 – 24S
B&rparTrencher Chains &lparDigging Chains&rpar&colon 015H – TR2690
C&rparAsphalt Paving Chains&comma Paving CZPT Chain&colon SS40L – RMC15128
D&rparBeer Bottling Washer Chains&colon Variety 1 – Kind 22
E&rparPasteurizer Chains&colon Kind 1 to Type eight
F&rparFlow CZPT Chains&colon DK4011S – DK160H250M
G&rparTobacco Sector CZPT ry Chains
H&rparPalm Oil Mill Chains
four&rparSugar Mill Chains
A&rparCane Harvester Chains &lpar254&comma 264&comma SS2038&rpar
B&rparCane CZPT Chains &lpar 0571 &comma 0571 1&comma 1796&comma SS600&comma 0571 3&rpar
C&rparIntermediate CZPT Chains &lparCast Kind&semi 5174E4&comma 901E41-901E44&comma 901E51&rpar
D&rparBagasse CZPT Chains & Intermediate CZPT Chains &lparRoller Type&semi 0571 &comma 2184&comma 1796&rpar
E&rparJuice Strainer CZPT Chains &lpar4103&rpar
F&rparDiffuser Block CZPT Chains&colon NF250&comma NF500
G&rparOther Sugar Mill Chains&colon Drop Cast Rivetless Chains&comma Welded Metal Chains
5&rparSugar Mill Chains &lparfor CZPT ern industry&rpar
A&rparBushed Sugar Mill Chains&colon SR234 – SRH124
B&rparStraight Sidebar Sugar Mill Chains&colon RF204 – 120018
C&rparOffset Sidebar Sugar Mill Chains&colon RO3140 – RO2178A
6&rparSugar Mill Chains &lparfor CZPT ern market&rpar
A&rparBushed Sugar Mill Chains&colon HS188 – HS150&plus
B&rparSugar Mill Bushed Roller Chains&colon HS578 – HS800
7&rparSteel Mill Chains &lparSteel Sector Chain&rpar
A&rparSteel Drag Chains&colon WT30150 – WT28 0571
B&rparSaddle Chains with Attachments&colon JM03075 – JM51450
C&rparSaddle Chains&colon 03075 – 25200
D&rparHeavy Obligation CZPT Chains for Steelworks&colon 60300 – 200600
E&rparAluminum and Copper Die Chains&colon 25265 – 08063
F&rpararge Unloader Chain&comma Bucket CZPT vator Chain

Chain plate marking&colon Only chain item or with CZPT manufacturer or with your brand name

Package&colon Metal pallet or picket situation

Our good quality is trustworthy and export to CZPT pe&comma United states&comma Canada&comma Japan&comma Korea and so on in big quantity

Remember to truly feel free of charge to permit us know your detail enquiry by return e-mail or fax

Substance Alloy Steel&comma stainless metal substance
Method Assembled
Warmth treatment Circumstance hardening&comma Meshbeltfurnace quenching warmth treatment method
Floor treatment Blackened&comma Zinc galvanized&comma Nickel galvanized&comma Chroming&comma Colour Painting&comma or as for every CZPT er’s request
Functionality Large precision&comma high use resistance&comma low sound&comma smooth and continual&comma high power
Product amount Weighty Responsibility Cranked CZPT Transmission Chain 2814
Packaging Plastic bag &commacarton box &commaplywood case or CZPT er prerequisite&period of time

Whether or not you are creating from scratch or updating an current project, finding the appropriate dimensions for your roller chain is a vital 1st decision. To properly evaluate a roller chain, you require to know the total width, diameter, and width of the rollers, plate thickness, and peak.
china shop Heavy Duty Cranked Link Transmission Chain 2814 manufacturers