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Product Description

We offer a full range of tools and tooling systems for mining. Our facilities ensure  ecomical generation approaches and on-time as effectively as substantial quality goods.A complete selection of  head types,retainer methods and insert is CZPT particular demands.Customised picks can be created CZPT .Drill bits are available for blast hole drilling, roof bolting and exploration in diametersfrom 24 mm up to 150 mm with all common use threads. In general CZPT  drill bits are equipped with tungsten carbide inserts.
For very abrasive rock conditions we recommend our drill bits with polycrystallin inserts.Our bits can exchange with
KENAMETAL :TS2, TS4, TS8, TS11, TS20, TS21, TS26, C4/U43H, TH3S, TH3, TS3, TS7, TS10, TS15, TS17, TS18, TS19, TS25, TS30, TS31, TS32, TS5, TS9, TS14, TS16, TS33, TS34, TS3C, TS13C, TS19C, TS5C, TS14C, TS16C, TS28C, TS29C, C4, C4-1, C6, C7, T6, T7, T12, T14, T1, T5,KSM5
BTEK :BKS111,BKS112,BTK62,BTK29,BTK63,B40KS15,BTK64,BGS78,BGS80,BGS75,BGS41,BGS20,B47GK22LK

Product variety:
one.Foundation drilling equipment
Double Wall Casing Tube,Solitary Wll Casing Tube,Casing CZPT s,Casing Sneakers,Casing CZPT s,Rock Augers,Core Barrels,Drilling Buckets,Kelly Bar ,Roller cutter bit gap opener,Drum type gap opener.

Round shank cutter picks and tool holders,Spherical CZPT k Chisel(Round CZPT k Picks), Flat cutter enamel(Flat picks) and device holders,Pilot teeth and holder , Weld-on Block(Weld-on Bars), Replaceable Block, Casing CZPT s,Thread ring ,Conical ring,Important,Fishtail little bit, Kelly Box,Pilot box

2.Street milling instrument
Tungsten carbide slicing instruments of  Highway milling bits/picks ,Spherical shank cutter chisel ,Little bit hloder,Instrument holders,Highway planing little bit for street pavement ,Soil stabilisation bit and Device holders

three.Trenching instrument
Tungsten carbide chain and wheel trenching bits ,Resource holders,Shank cutting instruments and blocks,Lock rings,Retainer,Weld-on tooth

4.Mining device
Conical tools and resource holders ,Flat cutter tooth and resource holders,Spherical shank cutting instruments and blocks,Cross little bit ,Drag&Tri-cone bits,Chisel Little bit,Surface mining bit,Underground mining bits,Coal mining teeth

five.Forestry mulcher resource
Tungsten carbide forestry mulcher enamel , rock crusher enamel,Mulcher hammer ,Pasture mower enamel,Forestry tiller tooth

HangZhou Bausde CZPT ry Co.,Ltd is an CZPT d technological company specializes in a

total selection of cemented tungstencarbide substitution wear parts for foundation drilling, mining

and tunneling, trenching , road milling , forestrymulching,farming, soil stabilizing, recycling industries.

Our items are acknowledged for their longevity, robust design,corrosion resistance and

simple functions.

Our support: 
1. Prompt delivery 
2. Best after-sale service
3. The goods CZPT make according to CZPT er’s requirements
four. Inquiries are normally replyed within 24 hrs

Below are some rewards of chain drives more than belt and equipment drives: They can be utilized for lengthy and short distances. Many axles, are driven by chains. They are compact and have a modest general dimensions, so even in the event of a fire, you won’t knowledge any poor troubles. Temperature and ambient problems do not impact its operation. Chain drives do not call for original rigidity. They are really efficient (up to 96%) and have no slip and creep throughout transmission, guaranteeing a excellent gear ratio. Chain push, effortless to set up. Chain drives are lower maintenance, face up to abrasive situations and run in damp circumstances
china manufacturer  manufacturer  sales Trench Digging Conical Shank Tool Kennametal Bullet Bits manufacturers