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Product Description

Chain trencher is a type of trenching machine employed in earthwork design. It is comparable to CZPT in numerous approaches. It has the features of soil penetration, soil crushing and soil borrowing. The distinction lies in the ongoing operation of ditching purpose, substantial ditching efficiency and little floor injury. It is very suited for farmland irrigation, pipeline laying, orchard planting and harvesting, agricultural planting and harvesting, etc. Even below hard geological circumstances such as bricks and stones, grooves with neat shape and consistent technical specs can be opened. The ditching device is extremely suitable for agriculture and CZPT due to the fact of its neat form, free soil, unified depth and symmetrical width. In agriculture, it is extremely suitable for farmland irrigation, pipeline laying, orchard administration, crop planting and harvest, and so on. In terms of CZPT , it is very ideal for ditching together stone, freeway, highway rock, concrete pavement, frozen soil, and so on.
Function of chain trencher:
one. Furrow and fertilization of fruit forest, deep loosening and harvesting of yam.
2. Trench excavation of suppress, courtyard wall, yard and other fence basis in city construction and freeway design
three. Dig trenches and bury pipes, cables, optical cables, and many others.
Functions of chain trencher:
one. Simple framework and convenient operation.
2. CZPT efficiency, adjustable ditching depth and width.
3. It is utilized jointly with the tractor, which can adapt to diverse soil functions. It can be eliminated when not in use, without affecting other makes use of of the tractor.
Safety measures for chain trencher operation:
1. In the course of typical strolling, the rear crawling gearbox is placed in the CZPT place, and its very own equipment can be used during walking.
2. The device dealer of the buried pipe ditching equipment said that when the equipment ditching, its very own traveling equipment must be placed in the CZPT place, and the output should be turned to open the ditch following use. It need to be gradually decreased to the essential depth, so that the rear creeping CZPT can perform with the initial gear (the depth is better than 1m). If the depth is less than 1m, it can decide on the CZPT or 3rd equipment.
three. It is strictly prohibited to use the self-propelled gear when trenching, simply because the velocity of the self-propelled equipment is also CZPT to meet the speed demands of trenching, although the speed of the creeping gear is .8-1m for each moment to reach the perfect speed for trenching. For that reason, it is distinct from the velocity of the self-propelled creeping gearbox, so it ought to be utilised independently. If it is mixed.

Equipment identify Chain Trencher Energy resource Diesel oil
Driven by Tractor Ditching speed one-7m/min
Ditching width ten-70cm(Can be CZPT ized) Trenching depth 10-200cm(Can be CZPT ized)


one.What about the payment time period&price phrase?
As usual, we take T/T as the payment time period, and the value term FOB is alright.
2.Are you a investing organization or a factory?
HangZhou ZheJiang g CZPT Co., Ltd. is a maker in ZheJiang Province, CZPT . we have specialised in we have specialised in crane&winch in excess of ten several years, CZPT high quality merchandise ended up welcomed in many international locations. 

3.How do you make your cost?
We make the value according to CZPT extensive costing. And CZPT value will decrease than the trade firm since we are manufacture.You will get competitive value and greater high quality.

four.How about the packing?
Outside the house Package deal: CZPT packing situation as export standard Inside of Bundle: Extend film

five. What’s the delivery time?
Typically, we will shipping the merchandise inside of 15-20 working days, but this is intention at 1-10 pieces merchandise, if more quantity, it depends.

6. CZPT ions ahead of quotation?
Capacity? CZPT ing peak? Voltage? CZPT tity? The a lot more particulars the a lot more accurate value quotation. Thank you.

seven.what about CZPT winches attributes?
1, Compact structure and reasonable design
2, Straightforward to install, work and routine maintenance
3, Minimal sounds and very good operating issue
four, Three-section CZPT provide, ideal for a vast range of applications
5, Basic framework, straightforward to determine the result in of the failure, effortless to fix and keep

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china manufacturer  manufacturer  factory Factory Direct Supplier Mini Chain Trencher Machine/Earth Saw Trencher Tractor Mounted manufacturers