china Cost Painting Liner Chain for Overhead Conveyor manufacturers

Item Description


Painting liner chain ,There are several objects of this type of chain for portray line.


You should really feel free of charge to permit us know your load and hook quantity for a certain number of links, then we can provide CZPT very best costs to you.


It is also fall forged rivetless chain.


Our technological innovation is from ZheJiang and CZPT top quality is the very best in CZPT .




one)Massive Pitch CZPT Chains (Long Pitch CZPT Class CZPT Chains)


  a)ISO Regular Solid Pin CZPT Chains (ISO 1977): M, MT


  b)ISO Standard Hollow Pin CZPT Chains (ISO 1977): MC, MCT


  c)BS Regular Metric Sequence Solid Pin CZPT Chains (BS 4116): E, ET


  d)BS Common Metric Collection Hollow Pin CZPT Chains (BS 4116): EC, ECT


  e)BS Standard Imperial Collection Reliable Pin CZPT Chains (BS 4116): Z, ZT


  f)BS Normal Imperial Sequence Hollow Pin CZPT Chains (BS 4116): ZC, ZCT


  g)DIN Standard CZPT Chains (DIN 8167 and DIN 8168): FV, FVH, FVT


  h)ANSI Standard Simple CZPT Chain (ANSI B29.fifteen): 0703 – 243


  i)JM Specialty CZPT Chain (RF CZPT Chains): JM03075 – JM113600


  j)Standard Bucket CZPT vator Chains: DT150 – DT250


  k)Bearing Bush CZPT Chains


  l)Bearing Roller CZPT Chains


  m)Plastic Sleeve CZPT Roller Chains


two)Engineered CZPT Chains


  a)Straight Sidebar Steel Bushed Roller Chains: 81X, 81XH, 81XHD, 81XHH, 3939


  b)Metal Bushed Rollerless Chains: S188, S131, S102B, S110, 4856, 4857, 4859, S150, 4864


  c)Welded Metal Mill Chains: WR78 – WR157 WH78 – WH157 WRC78 – WRC157


  d)Welded Metal Drag Chains:WD102 – WD480 WDH102 – WDH480


  e)Drop Cast Rivetless Chains (Barloop Chains): X348 – 698 F100, F160 S348 – S998


  f)Regular Cast Mixture Chains: C55 – C188


  g)Mix Transfer Chains: C55A, C55B, C55D


  h)H Class Mill Chains: H60, H62, H74, H75, H78, H79, H82, H87, H124


  i)H Class Transfer Chains: H78A, H78B, H130, H131, H138


  j)400 Class Pintle Chains: one hundred forty five, 434, 442, 445, 452, 455, 462, 477, 483, 488, 4103, 4124


  k)Double Flex Chains: DF3500 – DF4900


3) Special Software Chains & Non-Regular Chains


   a)Escalator Step Chains, Escalator CZPT Chain: T67 – 24S


   b)Trencher Chains (Digging Chains): 015H – TR2690


   c)Asphalt Paving Chains, Paving CZPT Chain: SS40L – RMC15128


   d)Beer Bottling Washer Chains: Sort 1 – Sort 22


   e)Pasteurizer Chains: Type 1 to Sort 8


   f)Flow CZPT Chains: DK4011S – DK160H250M


   g)Market CZPT ry Chains


   h)Palm Oil Mill Chains


four)Sugar Mill Chains


  a)Cane Harvester Chains (254, 264, SS2038)


  b)Cane CZPT Chains ( 0571 , 0571 1, 1796, SS600, 0571 3)


  c)Intermediate CZPT Chains (Forged Type 5174E4, 901E41-901E44, 901E51)


  d)Bagasse CZPT Chains & Intermediate CZPT Chains (Roller Kind 0571 , 2184, 1796)


  e)Juice Strainer CZPT Chains (4103)


  f)Diffuser Block CZPT Chains: NF250, NF500


  g)Other Sugar Mill Chains: Fall Cast Rivetless Chains, Welded Metal Chains


five)Sugar Mill Chains (for CZPT ern market place)


   a)Bushed Sugar Mill Chains: SR234 – SRH124


   b)Straight Sidebar Sugar Mill Chains: RF204 – 120018


   c)Offset Sidebar Sugar Mill Chains: RO3140 – RO2178A


six)Sugar Mill Chains (for CZPT ern marketplace)


   a)Bushed Sugar Mill Chains: HS188 – HS150+


   b)Sugar Mill Bushed Roller Chains: HS578 – HS800


7)Steel Mill Chains (Steel Sector Chain)


  a)Steel Drag Chains: WT30150 – WT28 0571


  b)Saddle Chains with Attachments: JM03075 – JM51450


  c)Sadle Chains: 03075 – 25200


  d)Weighty Obligation CZPT Chains for Steelworks: 60300 – 200600


  e)Aluminum and Copper Die Chains: 25265 – 08063


  f)Barge Unloader Chain, Bucket CZPT vator Chain


  g)Coil CZPT Chain, Dam Date Chain, Draw CZPT ch Chain


  h)Dummy Bar Chains for Continuous asting


  i)Plate Mill Chain, Stress CZPT age Chain, Transfer Chain, Tubing Mill Chain


eight)Sewage Treatment Chains / Waste Water Treatment method Chains


  a)Collector Tank Pintle Chains: seven hundred Class Pintle Chains


  b)Collector Tank Roller Chains


  c)Monitor Chains


  d)Bar Monitor Chains


  e)Generate Bush Chains


  f)Anti Again CZPT d Tin Printer Chains (Tin CZPT Chains, CZPT CZPT Chains)

This type of chain is utilized in the initial phases of power transmission development. When the sprocket moves closer to or away from the teeth, noise is developed as the enamel rub from the connecting rod. These kinds of chains are employed to some extent for low-speed conveyor chains.
china Cost Painting Liner Chain for Overhead Conveyor manufacturers