china Cost Farm Tractor Single-Chain Trencher with Ce manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Application of  trencher :

one.The chain type ditcher machine can be used for digging pipeline buried, cable, fiber optic cable, etc.

two.Fruit wood open ditch fertilization, yam deep loosening and harvest.

three. Urban construction and road construction to the curb, thickness of the garden fence, 

such as the foundation ditches.

Features of  trencher : 

one.The chain type ditcher machine has simple structure,and  convenient operation.

two.High efficiency, open ditch depth, width can be adjusted.

3.Working with tractor kit use, can adapt to the different soil homework, cable perform, drinking water supply pipeline, etc… 

Specification of trencher

Tractor Horsepower Matched 20-200hp
Operating CZPT a hundred and twenty-500m/h
Strain of Oil Tank 16Mpa
Trenching Width ten/sixteen/twenty/24/28/30/32/36/forty/forty two/forty six/50/52/fifty six/60cm
Trenching Depth -160cm
Linkage method 3 level linkage


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china Cost Farm Tractor Single-Chain Trencher with Ce manufacturers