Powder Brake Manufacturer From China

Powder Brake Manufacturer From China

Introduction to Magnetic Powder Brake PRE-B1:

The hollow shaft outer shell rotary sort magnetic powder brake has a heat-dissipating strategy of all-natural cooling, which rotates the periphery to increase warmth dissipation efficiency and increases the heat capacity of the product. The qualities of the item are as follows:

Effortless to control over a huge variety, and excellent linearity

Can attain constant sliding operation and obtain stable torque

CZPTed bearings, environmentally pleasant, no noise, peaceful and secure procedure

The imported magnetic powder with higher heat resistance has a prolonged provider lifestyle, and the heat potential is comparatively ideal for the structure and design and style, and it can attain a clean constant and driving state.

PRE-B1 Hollow Shaft Shell Rotating Magnetic Powder Brake



Magnetic powder brake doing work principle

The magnetic powder brake utilizes magnetic powder as a medium, and a new transmission component that forms a magnetic powder chain to transmit torque beneath energization is mostly composed of an interior rotor, an outer rotor, an excitation coil and a magnetic powder.


When the coil is not energized, the lively rotor rotates. Due to the centrifugal drive, the magnetic powder is clamped on the inner wall of the active rotor, and there is no contact amongst the magnetic powder and the driven rotor, and the energetic rotor idles.


After the DC energy is turned on, a magnetic area is created, and the magnetic powder of the operating medium varieties a magnetic powder chain underneath the action of the magnetic power line, and the internal rotor and the outer rotor are coupled to achieve the objective of transmitting and braking torque.


It is broadly used in printing equipments, paper business, bag-creating machines, wire and cable machinery,coil equipment,wire winding devices,strapping bag machinery, laminating equipment,textile equipment, weaving-dimensional equipment, woodworking machinery, extruders, specialised equipment and so on.


four.Positive aspects

(1) High-precision torque handle

(2) Exceptional toughness,extended service existence

(three) The stability of torque characteristics

(four) Constant operation on sliding

(5) Ink smooth,non-shock

(6) Appropriate for higher-frequency perform

Magnetic powder brake set up example diagram:


The Schematic Diagram of powder clutch,tension manage, web guide method and other elements on products.


Buy Details

Product Name

PRE-B1 Hollow Shaft Shell Rotating Magnetic Powder Brake

MOQ(Bare minimum Purchase Quantity)


Guide time

3-five days following getting the deposit

Calculated Fat

According to distinct designs


Carton/Wooden Box

Cost Expression

EXW,FOB, CIF, and so on

Payment term

TT,L/C,Western Union

Country of Origin


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