Complete Edible Oil Engineering Service

Complete Edible Oil Engineering Service

Oilseed Pretreatment Line
We are always designing and manufacturing vegetable oil pre-treatment and urgent line based on characteristics of diverse vegetable oils as well as customers` demands. In this way, we are ready to make sure the best possible situations of the oil obtained by enhancing oil produce, improving protein articles and oil top quality.

Procedure Workflow
Raw Material Unloading and Warehousing → Cleaning, Grading, Stone Removing, Weighing → Drying, Crushing and Seed Dehulling → Flaking → Extruding → Cooling

(one) Uncooked Substance Unloading and Warehousing
Main Devices: automatic unloading equipment, cleaning and classifying display screen, elevator for providing merchandise into silos, horizontal conveyor and conveyor for getting goods out of silos.


(2) Cleaning, Grading, Stone Getting rid of, Weighing

Main Devices: flat classifying monitor, distinct-gravity stoner, on the internet meter and magnetic separator for iron removing

(3) Drying, Crushing and Seed Dehulling

Main Units: magnetic separator for iron removing, crusher (huller) and kernel and husk separator

Functions of kernel and husk separator

Inverter-pushed feeding gadget is capable to make sure even distribution of materials. An air-lock valve is put in at the feeder to ensure standard feeding. CZPTly, soybeans or other seeds will be thrown against each other from numerous instructions, which final results in powerful collision. That’s why, hulling effectiveness is hugely enhanced. Furthermore, wind and combination of kernel and husk operate towards each other to guarantee complete contact, hence substantially bettering husk removal performance. A vision glass is also equipped on the separator for actual time observation of hulling and separating procedure.

(4) Flaking

Main Units: automated handle box for substance stage, magnetic separator for iron removal, flaking mill, hydraulic driving station and conveyor
Applicable Oil Supplies: soybeans, rapeseeds, cottonseeds, sunflower seeds, Corn Germs
Creation Capacity for each Flaker: eighty-500t/d

Characteristics of Flaking Mill

The flaking mill attributes consumer friendliness, steady efficiency and easy routine maintenance. It is capable to make certain computerized management of content amount, inverter-driven feeding manner and uniform content structure. It is equipped with a reversible potent magnet, therefore generating it practical to get rid of impurities attached to the magnet. Flakes attained characteristics equivalent thickness, which is in assortment of .25 to .35mm.

(5) Extruding

Major Gadgets: feeding conveyor, magnetic separator for iron removing, extruder, drying and cooling program
Relevant Oil Resources: soybeans, rapeseeds, cottonseeds
Creation Capacity: fifty-six,000t/d

(6) Cooling

Major Products: feeding conveyor, air-lock valve, counterflow cooler






Complete Edible Oil Engineering Service