china factory Precision Alloy Steel Components Closed Die Forging Forge in Construction Industry manufacturers

Solution Description


Maple machinery is a 1-end metal producer with casting, forging and machining as its primary organization. In addition to CZPT personal investment decision casting plant and equipment workshop, we always cooperate with other neighborhood factories in HangZhou to offer skilled steel areas production companies all over the planet.

The foundry and machine shop of Maple CZPT ry have ISO9001 certification, and all cooperative factories are necessary to have ISO certification

Positive aspects
 • More than 15 many years export expertise, offer high top quality areas
 • CZPT d manufacturing inspection products
 • Swift response when dealing with issues
 • Expert crew of engineers in casting, forging and machining
 • Competitive cost
 • Shut to HangZhou port, on-time shipping time
 • Local supplier companion network in HangZhou
 • A single to one purchase management

Market Support OF MAPLE
Maple equipment can enjoy a professional price in any market that demands metal elements. We give substantial top quality components for far more than thirty industries and the major markets.

Maple supplies CZPT -Quality casting elements and forging areas for mining industry, these areas are utilised for drilling, blasting, digging, transporting, crushing and refining. All of elements can face up to severe and abusive operate environments.
These components can be roller levers, pallets, hammers, chain back links, adapters, sleeves and so forth.

Development CZPT
Dress in resistant castings and large energy forgings are really typical in development machinery. They support machines to build amenities, transportation supplies, landfill, and preserve streets.
Maple provides trustworthy CZPT lifestyle parts for CZPT ers to finish initiatives and price down.
 • Monitor CZPT s                                      • Clamping
 • CZPT ing Eyes                                      • Rapid CZPT
 • CZPT Covers                                • CZPT s
 • Tooth Blocks                                    • Aspect Plates
 • Monitor shoes                                     • Beam connectors
 • Mounting Brackets                           • Trencher Tooth
 • Bucket Teeth                                    • CZPT

OIL & Gasoline Industry
Maple’s castings are extensively employed in the exploration, pumping, transportation filtering and refining of the two oil and gasoline. We have rich encounter in manufacturing the components with highest diploma of top quality, toughness and corrosion resistance. The factors are made from tough, substantial specification resources, usually involving large amounts of solution verification and tests.
We can forged elements with complicated interior construction, specific content and higher functionality.
 • Valve Components                          • Crank Arm
 • Impellers                                          • CZPT Elements
 • Pump Bodies                                   • CZPT accessories
 • Flanges                                            • Blowout Protector
 • Drilling Components                        • CZPT s/Couplings
 • Burner Parts                                    • Rod CZPT
 • Bottom Plate                                    • Jack Parts

Agriculture is the oldest business in the planet. Maple makes use of investment decision casting to manufacture parts and elements with CZPT daily life cycles and higher sturdiness for difficult agricultural apps.

Rail & transit industry has huge requires of large quality protected cast elements. Maple provided metal parts for rail rolling inventory, maintenance equipment, railway infrastructure, trucks and wagons.


Health care Tools

HYDRAULIC CYLINDER                                         FORESTRY & LOGGING

OUR Companies

Because 2004, Maple machinery has been strengthening its specialist capacity and increasing its organization scope. Now we supply a assortment of steel areas production solutions, inspection services and specialized consulting companies.

• Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel
• CZPT Metal and Duplex Metal
• CZPT Manganese Metal
• Gray Cast Iron
• Ductile Forged Iron
• CZPT Chromium Forged Iron
• Bronze

Delivery Projects
• CZPT CZPT (Lost Wax)
• Sand CZPT
• Lost Foam CZPT
• Close Die Forging
• CZPT Die Forging
• Rolled Ring Forging
• CZPT Machining
• Chopping & Welding

• Hardness Tests
• Effect Tests
• Tensile Tests
• Spectral Examination
• CZPT lographic Evaluation
• Radiographic Testing (RT)
• CZPT ic Particle Tests (MT)
• Penetrant Testing (PT)
• CZPT sonic Testing (UT)


Maple has CZPT ers in a lot more than thirty countries, serving hundreds of businesses and building 1000’s of areas. We welcome any credit score company, no subject in which you appear from and what business you are in.

Chain pitch: refers to the distance in between the hinge middle of one particular chain url and the hinge centre corresponding to the adjacent chain link. Sprocket Pitch Circle Diameter: The diameter of the circle exactly where the heart of the hinge is when the chain is wrapped all around the ball. The hinge centers of the chain and the circles drawn via these facilities are referred to as pitch circles, and their diameters are referred to as pitch circle diameters.These chains are utilized to repeatedly lift and express substance at a speed of 2 m/s. There are two kinds of conveyor chains: Detachable or hooked chains: This kind of conveyor chain is used for electrical power transmission in between conveyors of shorter lengths. Shut chain: composed of the cylinder block and connecting rod, cast and formed, with higher energy right after warmth treatment method.
china factory Precision Alloy Steel Components Closed Die Forging Forge in Construction Industry manufacturers