china best U40HD 22mm Trenching Cutter Bullet Teeth Trencher Drilling Bit manufacturers

Solution Description

U40HD 22mm Trenching Cutter CZPT et Teeth Trencher Drilling Little bit

As an producer specialised in cutting resources for a lot more than twenty many years,we offer substantial dress in and

impact resistance bits for milling asphalt and concrete streets to CZPT depths. Our Tungsten

Carbide bits offer enhanced dress in resistance, outstanding fracture energy and optimal toughness



Name Foundation Drilling Resource Conical Spherical CZPT k Bit Tungsten Carbide Tipped Drill Bit
Content Tungsten Carbide+65MN
Use Basis drilling 


We also make subsequent Betek Foundation Drilling Instruments:

(1) Round CZPT k Bits: B47K17.5, B47K17.5H, B47K17.5-H/2, B47K17.5LK70-H, B47K19-H, B47K19LK80-H, B47K22-H, B47K22-H/2, BTK01, BTK03, BTK10, BTK70, BTK81, BTK89, BSH09, BSH05, BSK12, BSK15, BSK17, BSK21, BSK16, BTR08, BTR02, BTR03, BTR01, BM55, BM60, BM34, BM62, BM11, BM10, BM46. 

(2) Tool Holders and Blocks: BHR03, BHR47, BHR109, BHR20, BHR164, BHR07, BHR31, BHR121, BZ22, BHR38, BHR113, BHR77, BHR163, BHR216, BZ12, BZ18. 

(3) Welding Bars: BA12, BA13, BA10, BA09, BA32, BA01, BA24, BA62, BA04, BA19, BA55, BA28, BFZ26, BFZ72/B.

(4) Quick Adjust Bars: BA58, BA60, BA61, BHA06, BA47, BA50, BA51, BA52, BA57, BHA04, BA63, BHA07, BA53, BHA05, BA54, BA46, BHA02.

(5) Weld On Enamel: BFZ25R, BFZ25L, BFZ96, BFZ158, BFZ207, BFZ107, BFZ144, BFZ257, BFZ260, BFZ87, BFZ319, BFZ318, BFZ321, BFZ320, BFZ326.

(6) CZPT Tooth: BFR07, BHR133, BFR08, BHR184, BFR10, BHR244.

(7) Flat Teeth: BFZ317, BFZ79, BHR73, BFZ162, BFZ69, BFZ339, BFZ322, BHR112, BHR39, BFZ65HM, BFZ02, BHF02, BFZ05N, BFZ198N, BFZ200N, BFZ218, BFZ272, BHZ24, BFZ324, BHR220, BF40, BF41, BF42, BHF15.

(8) Pilot Bits: BP04, BPH01, BP01, BPH02, BP10, BPH03, BP51, BPH04.


We also generate following Kennametal Foundation Drilling Equipment:

(1) CM Series-Reducing Equipment and Blocks: CM42, CM4 Snap Ring, CM61, CM63, CM64, CM62, CM66, CM65, CMB6L.

(2) CM Sequence and BR Resources: BR1, BR2, BR3, BR4.

(3) Main Barrel Series-Slicing Equipment and Blocks

Merchandise assortment:
1.Basis drilling instruments
Double Wall Casing Tube,One Wll Casing Tube,Casing CZPT s,Casing Footwear,Casing CZPT s,Rock Augers,Core Barrels,Drilling Buckets,Kelly Bar ,Roller cutter bit gap opener,Drum sort gap opener.

Spherical shank cutter picks and device holders,Round CZPT k Chisel(Round CZPT k Picks), Flat cutter enamel(Flat picks) and instrument holders,Pilot enamel and holder , Weld-on Block(Weld-on Bars), Replaceable Block, Casing CZPT s,Thread ring ,Conical ring,Important,Fishtail bit, Kelly Box,Pilot box

two.Street milling instrument
Tungsten carbide slicing equipment of  Highway milling bits/picks ,Round shank cutter chisel ,Little bit hloder,Device holders,Highway planing bit for road pavement ,Soil stabilisation little bit and Device holders

3.Trenching device
Tungsten carbide chain and wheel trenching bits ,Device holders,Shank reducing instruments and blocks,Lock rings,Retainer,Weld-on teeth

4.Mining instrument
Conical equipment and resource holders ,Flat cutter tooth and device holders,Spherical shank cutting resources and blocks,Cross little bit ,Drag&Tri-cone bits,Chisel Little bit,Surface area mining little bit,Underground mining bits,Coal mining tooth

5.Forestry mulcher resource
Tungsten carbide forestry mulcher tooth , rock crusher teeth,Mulcher hammer ,Pasture mower teeth,Forestry tiller tooth

HangZhou Bausde CZPT ry Co.,Ltd is an CZPT d technological company specializes in a

comprehensive selection of cemented tungstencarbide replacement wear parts for foundation drilling, mining

and tunneling, trenching , road milling , forestrymulching,farming, soil stabilizing, recycling industries.

Our products are acknowledged for their durability, robust building,corrosion resistance and

effortless operations.

Our services: 
one. Prompt delivery 
2. Ideal following-sale provider
3. The merchandise CZPT create in accordance to CZPT er’s specifications
4. Inquiries are normally replyed in 24 hours

The roller chain operates on rotating sprockets connected to the motor that drives the chain. In most roller chains, there are two varieties of links used alternately to make it function. Inner be a part of (also called roller be a part of): The two interior plates are joined together by two sleeves or bushings below the two rollers. Outer ring (also known as pin ring): The two outer plates are pinned together, by way of the bushing of the internal ring.
china best U40HD 22mm Trenching Cutter Bullet Teeth Trencher Drilling Bit manufacturers