Boiler Maintenance Chain Grate Parts Replace

Boiler Maintenance Chain Grate Parts Replace

Solution Description:

Small flake stokers, with the features of compact framework and practical set up as effectively as no prerequisite for longitudinal slag removal products, are a new type of travelling grate stoker primarily based on the study of massive flake stokers to increase manufacturing to advertise the use.

It is a kind of solitary-layer organized general package grate, combining the very good performances of huge flake stokers: good air flow and effortless maintenance and the virtues of mild chain grate stoker: saving in time and effort during installation. It is good for customers to purchase such a grate with a tiny expenditure in products and low installation price. It is an excellent option for small- and medium-sized boiler vegetation for its reputable and stable working performances.

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CZPT Parameter:

capacity T/H effective area m2 Powerful width mm Output shaft to
centre of grate mm
Output Shaft diameter mm Nos of air chamber
ten t/h 12.fifty four 2450 1630 a hundred 5
fifteen t/h seventeen.39 3190 2120 130 six
twenty t/h 20.7 3560 2205 one hundred thirty 6
30 t/h 27.fifty four 3930 2570 130 seven
forty t/h 35.38 4670 2770 one hundred thirty 7
sixty t/h fifty six.15 6150 3950 a hundred and eighty 8
75 t/h sixty eight.51 8570 4935 two hundred eight
a hundred t/h 95.two 10260 5585 200 Large
160 t/h 16100 8550 220 Large
220 t/h 212.six 18720 9860 250 Massive

Features Benefits:

Grate Iron Content Sorts: HT150, HT200, HTCr2, RTSi5, RQTSI5,Cr16, HiSiCr, ZG40CR24 and so forth. Heating resistant from 550-1200ºC
Offered Fuels: Coal-fired(Anthracite, Brown coal, Peat), Biomass(Rice husk, Corncobs, Bagasse, Coconut shell, Palm shell,
                                        Palm fiber, Biomass briquettes), Sound Waste(Residential, Municipal, Health care, CZPT all waste).

Implement To: Steam boiler, Scorching h2o boiler, Sizzling air furnace, Drying gear, Heating firm, Squander incinerator.

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Boiler Maintenance Chain Grate Parts Replace