6 M Concrete Road Paver 13 Ton Asphalt Paver

6 M Concrete Road Paver 13 Ton Asphalt Paver

RP602L concrete street paver thirteen ton asphalt paver machine introductions

RP602L is a tyre sort paver showcasing very good maneuverability, large speed and big traction force. It can meet up with diverse paving needs, and the paving width can be stepless altered from 2.5m to six.0m. It is largely used for the servicing of municipal streets, parking lots, highways of large grade and street paving functions. It can be utilised to pave multiple types of supplies, specifically the asphalt concrete resources, and it can be flexibly utilized in little, medium or huge paving functions. And it also functions satisfactory levelness and compactness.

CZPT travel technologies
Rear Four wheel drive, huge floor get in touch with spot, increased traction force than single wheel drive, and the tyre slippery is successfully prevented.
Extra large traction force, applicable to numerous perform situations, such as highway development and web site transfer at hilly country

Advanced screed technology
CZPT stepless extension/withdrawal, applicable to the operate problem of widened highway.
The three-point suspension technique makes certain secure extension/withdrawal of screed and good rigidness of the screed.
With stepless adjustable vibrating rotation speed, it can satisfy distinct operate needs.

Powerful electricity program
It adopts ZheJiang D4114 diesel engine, showcasing minimal temperature begin, power-preserving and environmental treatment. 
The large location h2o radiator and hydraulic oil radiator make certain lengthy time steady paving procedure below 50ºC. The hydraulic method is cooled with priority, which makes certain large trustworthiness.

Steady hydraulic system and drive method
With parts of abroad brands, and the integrated hydraulic program, it has steady and reputable functionality.
It adopts travel axle major generate technologies, and there is 2 speed equipment transmission mounted on the axle, which is hassle-free to shift in between the paving gear and travel gear. The unique differential lock style avoids slippery.

Exact manage method
It adopts mechanical-electrical-hydraulic built-in management engineering, that includes high amount of automation, manage accuracy and dependability.
The left/appropriate feed/material distribution unit adopts supersonic degree gauge which can attain computerized even feeding of materials.
The standard configuration involves digital computerized leveling unit which makes certain larger evenness of the paving floor.

Superior feed/ materials distribution technique
The method adopts built-in travel technological innovation, the feed system and distribution system are independent and they can be managed separately.
The base plate of feeding program adopts extra put on resistant steel plate, and the conveying chain has high energy which makes certain extended daily life.
The distribution blades is produced of wear resistant alloy, , open type joint, featuring convenient assembly and disassembly and long existence.

Successful electrical heating technology
The successful electrical heating technique is handy to work, protected, energy-conserving, and environmental friendly, particularly relevant to the municipal highways and street upkeep function.

Comfortable control system
All the management units are set up at the instrument panel, which is handy to work.
The control panel can be slide to any position to fulfill the perform condition, in addition to the vast check out, it is hassle-free to opeate.
The whole paving procedure can be controlled by means of the central manage panel or by auxiliary control from the outer manage console at left/proper aspect.

Handy maintenance
 patented central lubrication technique, installed with at first imported lubrication gadget, which significantly decreases maintenance operate and enhances productivity.
The hydraulic technique is installed with ball valves for the inlet and oil return pipelines, which is handy for the inspection and fix of the system.

Specs of road paver

Merchandise Device RP602L
Standard paving width m two.five
Max paving width m six
Max paving thickness mm 150
Paving pace m/min ~16
Travel  speed Km/h ~sixteen
Theoretical productiveness hopper t/h 300
Hopper capability t thirteen
Gradeability  % twenty
Pavement evennesss mm/3m three
Transverse leveling accuracy % ±0.03
Centre crown ratio % ~+three
Engine model   SC5D125G2B1/YC4A125Z
Motor energy Kw 100/92
Engine speed r/min 2200
Device excess weight t thirteen
Overall dimensions mm 6350*2580*3892
Tamper vibration frequency r/min ~1500
Tamper amplitude mm four
Screed heating   Gas heating
Auger and conveyor manage   Automated manage by ultrasonic sensors
Computerized leveling management   Simulator control

6 M Concrete Road Paver 13 Ton Asphalt Paver